16 Bathroom Rug Ideas – Bring New Style Into Your Space


A bathroom rug does more than just add aesthetic appeal to your bathroom. It can help bring your bathroom decor together while serving a functional purpose. Making sure that you pick the right rug for your bathroom is essential to making your bathroom look beautiful instead of chaotic. These bathroom rug ideas are guaranteed to give you the inspiration that you need to transform your bathroom space into your personal haven.

Boho Bathroom

If you’re searching for a bathroom rug idea for your boho themed bathroom, you’ll want to consider the purpose of your rug first. Jute rugs coordinate well with a boho style, but they shouldn’t get wet. Don’t place them in your bathroom if there is a lot of humidity.

Instead, consider more natural colors as a bathroom rug idea. Opt for patterns with greens and whites to bring more appeal to your guest bathroom. Muted natural colors, such as tan or olive green, are exceptional ideas. Rugs should feature a tribal or natural pattern to bring your entire bathroom together.

Farmhouse Bathroom

For a farmhouse bathroom, consider vintage styled rugs in natural materials. For example, a hand knotted rug in vintage colors such as country blue or antique white. Place beautiful rugs in front of a pedestal sink. Country blue rugs will look exceptional against light wood cabinets and a trough sink. Homeowners that do not care for traditional country colors can also use a neutral color palette in their secondary bathroom to truly bring the bathroom together.

Add Pops Of Color

Most homeowners opt for white walls in a transitional bathroom. There is nothing wrong with white walls, but they tend to be boring. If you’ve chosen white walls instead of half-painted walls, it’s important to add more color to the room. Bright colors and vivid patterns will instantly add personality to the room. Cover your wood floor with large rugs in a tribal design or opt for a modern, geometric design.

Consider The Material

While area rugs look beautiful in a bathroom, not all rugs are meant for wet feet. Some rugs are not supposed to get wet and will grow mold if they do. You can find absorbent bathroom rugs in natural materials, such as cotton and bamboo. Chenille is another popular option, but it’s important to read the tag. Some chenille rugs contain synthetic materials that are not good for your family or your floors.

Straight Lines Pair Well With White Walls

White walls are modern and stylish. When searching for the ideal bathroom rug to coordinate well with white walls, consider one with stripes. Stripes add more modern appeal to any bathroom!

Match The Rug To The Grout

If you have a tile floor in your bathroom, take a good look at your grout. Most floors that are made from cement tile will have white or grey grout. However, more colorful options are available. Black grout remains a popular option, especially for cement tile. The contrast of colors is instantly eye catching.

When selecting a rug, make sure that it pairs well with the color of grout that you have chosen for your floor. Black grout will pair well with a black and white rug. If you have black cabinets, avoid an all black rug. Instead, opt for an eye-catching rug in a transitional style or farmhouse style to bring the entire room together.

Soften Glam Style Bathrooms

Putting a plush rug in front of a lacquered vanity adds softness to the room. A fur rug in front of double vanities creates a textured surface that helps add warmth to the bathroom. Stripes and checkered rugs create more texture in the room. If your master bathroom is a little too modern and creates a stale environment, these rug ideas will instantly create the effect that you’re looking for.

Use Solid Colors In Multi-Color Bathrooms

If you thought a mosaic tile bathroom design was a great idea, you were right. However, putting vibrant rugs with busy patterns on top of a mosaic tile bathroom design can create a chaotic environment. Instead, opt for solid color bathroom mat ideas to calm the energy in the room.

Consider Bathroom Carpets

Carpets are known for going wall to wall and are frequently found in a master bathroom. If you have a large master bathroom, bathroom carpets are worth considering. However, wall to wall carpet does not work well in small bathrooms.

Use The Same Color Scheme As Your Bathroom Floor

If you just finished a brown floor bathroom remodel, consider shades of brown when looking at bathroom rug decorating ideas. You can also use the brown that you used in your brown floor bathroom remodel to create a color palette of various shades of brown. Then, use those same colors to find the perfect bathroom mat ideas for your bathroom.

Match Bathroom Accessories And Rugs

This classic design idea coordinates well with any color scheme and any type of floor. It doesn’t matter if you have just finished a ceramic tile bathroom remodel or have bathroom carpet. Simply take your bathroom accessories with you when shopping for a brand new rug, and match your rug to your accessories. This is the easiest bathroom rug decorating tip.

Create Contrast With Cabinets

Having plenty of cabinet space in the bathroom can be extremely helpful. However, matching a rug to bathroom cabinets can create too much of the same color if there is wall to wall cabinets. Instead, create contrast by choosing a color that is the opposite of your cabinets.

Pair a white rug with black cabinets. Combine maple cabinets with a dark colored rug. Vibrant colors will create positive energy when paired with white cabinets. Using opposite colors can instantly create an amazing bathroom with an enormous amount of aesthetic appeal.

Bathroom Theming

If you’ve just finished your bathroom remodel, it’s a perfect time to select a theme. This will determine your choice of bathroom accessories as well as the type of rug that you would like.

For example, a braided bathroom rug will coordinate well with a bohemian bathroom. Consider bathroom rug patterns that match certain themes, such as a beach theme. Considering the entire bathroom style concept when looking at bathroom rug ideas will guarantee that your bathroom is decorated to perfection.

Placement Is Important

Whether your rug is going to be in front of a bathroom vanity or be used to stand on beside the bathtub can help you decide which rug is appropriate. Certain materials should be used in front of the bathtub, but homeowners can use almost any type of rug in other areas of the bathroom.

Create Sand In Your Coastal Bathroom Remodel With Brown Rugs

While waves are all the rage, there’s nothing wrong with going against conventional bathroom ideas. Instead of picking up a cheap bath mat with waves or the ocean, create a sandy haven with a brown bathroom floor or a gorgeous tan rug. This will create a relaxing, earthy feel in your coastal bathroom.

Pair Patterned Rugs With Colored Cabinets

If you’re blessed, or perhaps cursed, with colored cabinets, it’s important to use a rug with a pattern. Patterns can help the entire bathroom have the same energy. Make sure that the color of your cabinets is included in the rug. For example, if you have olive green cabinets, pick up a rug in earthy tones of brown with a touch of olive green.

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