Antique Rugs San Francisco

The Antique Rugs San Francisco Loves Add Smart Elements of Style

Adding eye-catching attractiveness to any room and creating an aura of true style is easier with the antique rugs San Francisco home and business owners’ treasure. These stylish room additions come in a variety of materials, from pure wool to an artistic blending of wool and silk. Most antique rugs San Francisco loves displaying in homes and businesses come in attractive patterns ranging from geometric to stripes, or more traditional rug patterns.

Wide Variety of Contract Carpet Styles

Searching for the contract carpet San Francisco businesses love is easier once you discover the wide variety of style, color and material choices offered by Vaheed Taheri, San Francisco’s rug specialists and expert rug artisans. The choices you’ll find include:

– An Array of Materials – From pure 100 percent wool to a wool blend featuring the addition of study silk, you’ll find exactly the antique vintage carpet style you desire

– Sizes to Fit Any Space – Size choices in antique, vintage styled rugs offered by Vaheed Taheri range from 5 x 7 to 8 x 10, 9 x 12 or even 10 x 14 for a more all-encompassing and complete room size rug choice

– Captivating Colors and Patterns – From bright oranges to reds, blues, subdued grays, browns, and greens, you’ll find the perfect color to complement any room decor

Among all the choices for attractive contract carpet San Francisco businesses can select from, the smartest choices are those that draw attention to the best features of the room they will be featured in. An expert rug artisan can give strong advice on the best choice for your specific decor.

Weaves and Knots Add Strength and Durability

Many antique rugs San Francisco loves from Vaheed Taheri are created in a unique hand-knotting style to give extra elements of strength, durability, and attractiveness. Whether you choose bright, vibrant tones or muted and earthy color selections, your room stands apart with a well-selected antique rug.