Ancient Technique of Handmade Rugs San Francisco

Handmade Rugs San Francisco and their Value

There is a true art that is centuries old to creating the handmade rugs San Francisco residents love having in their homes. Vaheed Taheri still practices these specific techniques so every client is sure to get authentic handmade rugs that showcase exemplary quality. There are several main areas that are given special attention to be sure that the area rugs San Francisco loves turn out exactly the way they were envisioned.

Rugs SF Crafting Areas that Receive Special Focus

Artisans from Vaheed Taheri give special focus and attention to six main areas that have the biggest effect on how finished rugs turn out. These areas are:

Weaving and Knotting – Vertical looms are used to create an air of unmatched authenticity. This is different from the way rugs are produced in other cultures, and unique to Tibetan rug making. Professional weavers are known for their exceptional patience when using these looms

Rug Materials and Dying – Careful consideration is given to the materials that rugs are crafted from. Materials can include wool, silk, cotton and other fabric choices that are renowned for quality and for being natural, sustainable and renewable

Trimming – When rugs are first removed, they must be expertly trimmed to look their best.

Washing – After professional trimming, the area rugs San Francisco likes to accent homes with are washed using special vinegar and soap solutions to enhance their sheen, create color fastness and to add softness to the rug’s pile.

Special Finishing Processes – Rugs SF are beaten with specially designed wooden paddles to remove loose fibers and extra dye. They’re stretched using proven processes that straighten them out and create a more uniform look

Drying – The drying process is a simple but important contributor to the look of the handmade rugs San Francisco loves. Rugs are dried in the sun after they’ve been laid flat. Thorough drying is critical to keep them looking their best

Exceptional Area Rugs San Francisco are Worth Waiting For

The handmade rugs San Francisco uses to enhance homes can take from 12 to 16 weeks from conception to completion. Residents feel that this is time well spent when the result is perfect rugs that complement any decor type.