5 Moroccan Style Rugs To Know

Moroccan-inspired rugs have been in the marketplace for centuries, and now they have become a staple in modern yet chic households. On top of that, they are great for adding a touch of classiness and warmth to your living spaces. They also make a beautiful and bold statement piece, which is why they are probably seen as an impressive upscale appeal for resorts, restaurants, hotels, homes, and office spaces. 

There’s so much more to these Moroccan rug styles than what meets the eye; surely, there’s some hidden story behind every iconic weaving style of Moroccan rugs. 

Nowadays, Moroccan rug weaving styles come in a wide variety of intricate designs and colors. It’s quite challenging to chronicle all the different styles of rugs that exist in a single place. However, we have done the hard work for you and piled them into one comprehensive guide.

Let’s dive in with 5 top Moroccan rug styles that have transformed the Moroccan weaving industry. But first, let’s indulge in what actually are Moroccan rugs, and people love them as collectible pieces.


Moroccan Rugs

Moroccan rugs are definitely a piece of artwork having a feminist touch of art. Traditionally they are made by Amazigh women, and each tribe has its own sophisticated design and artistic flair with colors and style – taking their iconic weaving style to new levels. The traditional style Moroccan rugs and carpets were textile floor coverings that were hand woven by women belonging to indigenous tribes. Despite having utility and convenience as their primary function, millions of individuals treat them as collectible items. 

These Moroccan rug styles don’t come cheap and, without question, are a significant investment piece to improve the attractiveness of your homes. Thankfully, today the market is overflowing with all sorts of Moroccan rug weaving styles ranging from the collectible pieces of Azulejo Neutral Moroccan style rug and Moroccan rug to traditional style hand-knotted Ourika style rug – there is something for every home. 


Top Five Moroccan Rug Style To Add Chicness To Your Spaces

The Moroccan-style rugs, along with their colorful designs, are popular for their asymmetrical beauty, which is why every other neighboring shop will have some morocco rug on display claiming to be a collectible piece.

But, in fact, the top most popular subclasses of Moroccan rug styles include the Azulejo Neutral Moroccan style, Berber rugs, and so much more. Let’s have a look at the most popular 5 Moroccan style rugs:

  • Azulejo Neutral Moroccan-style rug

As the name suggests, the Azulejo Neutral Moroccan style rug is handcrafted with neutral colors and motifs, allowing it to anchor the room perfectly. It’s a modern take on the classical Moroccan rug weaving styles that incorporate subtle patterns and artwork that blends tradition with a contemporary twist. The Azulejo Neutral Moroccan style rug is cozy yet low-maintenance, adding elegance, individuality, and maturity to your room’s appeal. 

It alternated high and low pile wool, which gives Azulejo Neutral Moroccan style rug its gorgeous texture and mosaic arches that fit together, creating an endless pattern design.

  • Ourika-style Moroccan rug 

The Ourika Moroccan style rugs come under the umbrella of Berber designs, which are exotic, warm, and have a colorful design of the diamond shape. The hand-knotted Ourika-style rugs are great for narrow rooms and corridors, adding a sparkle of charm and color. They can brighten up even the tightest spaces with their flamboyant diamond pattern iconic weaving style

  • Boujad-style Moroccan rug

The Boujad Moroccan style rugs typically have hues of orange, red and pink with low as well as high piled weave texture. Historically, their colorful designs were made using natural dyes; however, in recent times, more pastel tones have been preferred by homeowners. 

The Boujad Moroccan rugs are full of colorful textures and designs, having a mix of stars, diamonds, squares, and other symbols. 

  • Beni Ourain Moroccan Rug

The Beni Ourain Moroccan-style rugs have recently gained popularity in western culture due to their simplicity. Nowadays, you would have probably seen one of these either on an interior design feed or in a neighboring shop

The best part is that they are made using natural wool that hasn’t yet touched any form of the dye. The intricate designs in a Beni Ourain rug consist of abstract lines or symbols. 

  • Taznakht Moroccan rug

Taznakht Moroccan rugs are literally a piece of artwork as they come in 3-dimensional weaving styles. They aren’t limited to the iconic weaving style but rather involve flat weaving, knotting, and embroidery, making them truly unique. 


Add Sophistication To Your Home With Moroccan Style Rugs

The best way to bring the rich Moroccan culture and its tradition into your home is by placing its heritage – adorn your house with an intricate design Moroccan rug which not only bonds your décor but adds an essence of classiness to each corner. 

Whether you like hand-knotted or flat woven style Moroccan rug, there is a style that will fit your taste. Plenty of markets and online ecommerce stores offer comprehensive artisan Moroccan-inspired pieces along with custom design programs, ensuring exclusivity without compromising on quality.